Our Ales

Coach House Blonde

A thirst quenching refreshing Blonde Ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit.

Cheshire Gold

A golden coloured beer with a fresh citrus hop aroma, creating a pine lemon crisp finish.

Blueberry Classic Bitter

A wonderful straw coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and a distinct blueberry aftertaste. A multi award winner across the country.

2015 – Gold SIBA NW Speciality Small Pack
2015 – Silver SIBA NW Overall Small Pack
2015 – Silver SIBA NW Speciality Cask

Coachmans Best Bitter

A copper coloured session beer with rich malty and spicy fruit flavours and aroma from Admiral hops.

Gunpowder Premium Mild

A very dark mild with a full liquorice and treacle flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

2016 – Winner Champion beer of Cheshire Milds
2015 – Gold SIBA NW Darks and Milds
1997 – Bronze – Champion Beer of Britain Mild
1994 – Silver – Champion Beer of Britain Milds

Dick Turpin Best Bitter

A chestnut coloured beer, with a toffee like malty palate and a mellow hoppy nose, with a smooth dry finish.

1994 – Gold Champion beer of Britain Premium Bitters
2006 – Champion beer of Cheshire

Post Horn Premium Ale

A rich, straw coloured quality premium ale with a robust malty palate and a well balanced steely bitterness.

Flintlock Pale Ale

An amber coloured beer with a full malty palate, balanced by a crisp hop flavour and a lingering hoppy aftertaste.

InnKeeper's Reserve

Ruby coloured beer with a full malty palate, balanced by a crisp hop flavour and lingering hoppy aftertaste.

Cromwell Best Bitter

Amber coloured beer well balanced, with a smooth and dry hopped finish.

Clipaty Hop

An English style IPA, light in colour with a hoppy aroma and flavour but with a well balanced malty finish.


A rich, straw coloured quality premium ale, dry and fruity, dry hopped in the traditional manner which gives the beer a fine hop aroma.

Farriers Best Bitter

A Golden Amber coloured beer, with a slight sweet aroma and rich Admiral hop flavours that develop to a dry finish.

Honeypot Best Bitter

A dark amber bitter, brewed with pure honey which adds a floral nose and a smooth luscious silky finish.


A very dark ale with massive mouth feel and a full malty flavour.

Banoffee Bitter

Very pale golden coloured beer slightly sweet on the palate and with a distinctive flavour of Banana & Toffee

Cranberry Bitter

A wonderful pale golden coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and a delicate flavour of Cranberry’s

Cinnamon Special Bitter

A pale golden coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and the distinctive spicy flavour of Cinnamon


Light straw blonde ale, cleanand crisp with spicy orange marmalade finish and lemony hop aroma

Coachman's Summer Ale

A light golden beer, with a dry clean after taste.

Summer Sizzler

A golden summer ale medium bodied with a touch of sweetness and a superb appearance in the glass.


A thirst quenching refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit. The elderflower gives the beer a wonderful floral aroma and further enhances the citrus hops with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Taverners Autumn Ale

A golden coloured beer, fruty and bitter, with a light dry aftertaste. Warming and Autumnal.

Coachman’s Winter Ale

A tawny coloured beer, with a slightly sweet aroma and rich hoppy flavours that develop, to a dry finish.

Coachmans Autumn Ale

A amber coloured bitter with a slight sweet aroma, the hop flavours give a dry finish

Strawberry blonde

A refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit with an aftertaste of strawberry.

Combine Harvester

A pale golden bitter with a distinctive hoppy nose & a slightly bitter aftertaste

Bootleg Valentine Ale

A golden fruity bitter, fairly sweet but with a very dry after taste.

Rabbit Punch

A medium coloured ale, with heavy malty overtones and a sweet palate. Old English hops provide a subtle balance.

Mothers Ruin

A refreshing well balanced golden ale. The addition of Juniper berries give a hint of spice on the palate, nos and finish.

Three Kings

Copper coloured, hoppy and fruity ale, with pronounced bitterness, malt and almond flavours.

Christmas Pudding

A wonderful chestnut coloured beer, redolent, with flavour and aroma of Christmas Pudding.

Christmas Stocking

A lovely bronze coloured bitter full bodied with good malty overtones and a well-balanced hoppy finish.


Brewed for New Year, a chestnut coloured ale, smooth and soft on the palate with a hop aroma and a hint of blackcurrant.

Burns Auld Sleekit

A pale gold beer with well-balanced malt & fruit flavours which linger on the palate to a bitter sweet finish

Dewi Sant

Rich ale with balanced fruit and bitterness. Nicely hopped to give a pleasant aroma and a slightly dry palate.

Cracker Barrel

A Tawny coloured beer full-bodied, richly flavoured with fruit and hops the dominant flavours

Scrum Down

An Amber coloured beer brewed with English & American Hops, a refreshing beer with a subtle grapefruit nose

St Georges Ale

A medium coloured bitter that drinks with a creamy texture and finishes long and hoppy.

St Patricks Ale

Full bodied and as smooth as green velvet. A hint of cinnamon and apple on the palate with a good hoppy finish.

Wizard's Wonder

A medium coloured full-bodied beer. Dry and fruity with a clean dry hopped aftertaste.